dee bryan photography
wedding/fashion/beauty/editorial photographer


Where are you located and do you travel?

We are located in the lovely City of Cardiff, South Wales but willing to travel all over UK, Ireland and internationally. Please note that destination weddings will be an additional cost and included in the price.

What is your photographic style?

I would definitely say elegant, timeless, fashion conscious and authentic with a splash of romance.

How can i book a consultation with yourselves?

You can either fill out an online form on this website by clicking on the ‘contact button’ and scroll down to the ‘contact us’ form snd leave details of your name, email address and for subject ‘wedding enquiry or engagement’ and enter your message giving us some basic details like the date you are possibly looking to book. Click submit and I will get back to you within 24 hours to answer any queries and arrange a face to face meeting or if preferred, a conference call.

How do I know which package to go for?

Each investment has its own features and benefits. Only you know what is within your budget and what is required. It is a daunting process trying to decide but just remember, it does not matter which investment you choose, we will always do our upmost to photograph exactly what you need beautifully.

Once I have booked with yourselves, when will I know the booking is secured?

Your booking is only secured once you have signed the retainer and paid the deposit.

How much is the deposit and will what if I decide to cancel?

hopefully you wouldn’t want to cancel! however, the deposit is charged at a fee of £250 and is non refundable.

What if I am unsure which photographer to go with and time is running out?

obviously, as photographer’s we are very busy and cannot guarantee that someone else may take the date your looking to book if they are happy to go ahead but we do however try to keep the lines of communication open with you and let you know if anyone else is looking to go ahead on that date. We will contact you giving you preference if a decision hasn’t been made just to make you aware. We do not believe in forcing people to go ahead if their heart is pulling another direction. We can only hope that you do follow your heart and choose what is best for you! Think about how we make you feel, do you like our work and are we your cup of tea? You really do pay for what you get especially in this digital day and age. We will always endeavour to help you!

If we have booked when do we pay the rest of the fee?

After you have booked you can sit back and sort out all the other important details. We require the final balance to be paid in full no less than 2 weeks before the official wedding day. We will send you an invoice for the final bill as a reminder 3 weeks before the wedding date.

Once I have booked what happens next?

Well, firstly we would jump for joy! Shortly after we would send you your receipt and then get to work on the details of you wedding in a bit more depth. We will send you a form with all the particulars on like the order of the day, who would be in the family photos and its more of a check list really of the things we would have spoken about previously, just to ensure we capture everything and more on the day. We go and view the location if its somewhere we have not had the pleasure in shooting ( if its a little closer to home and not a destination wedding) just to make sure we know all the fabulous angles to shoot you in and to get an idea of how the day would run, what the space is like and how we are going to construct your photoshoot and make it so a it runs flawless on the day. We will keep you updated of our findings and if necessary, make any changes at your request.

You also have an option to purchase an engagement shoot so as you can truly feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera with us, which in turn will put you at ease on the day!

What if your equipment breaks down and are you insured?

The answer is yes we are insured and if any equipment breaks down, we have back up gear at all times. I always carry extra camera bodies with me, a selection of different lenses, quite a few flashguns, external studio lights and back up batteries, lots of cards to capture onto and also two external hard drives and a laptop that I continually back up onto throughout the day. It is such a big fear for photographers that something somehow could break or doesn’t work and we are pretty vigilant on making sure we are fully backed up at all times. You hear quite a few horror story’s and this is something I would never want to happen to me!

Do you have a back up photographer and assistants?

We do indeed! Normally I work weddings with myself and an assistant photographer. This is to ensure all alternative angles are covered as it is physically impossible for me to be in two places at once at all times, and they are amazingly talented! We often go out and test shoot to ensure that we are on the same page and if any training in any areas are required. We aim to give you consistency and work efficiently with one another. Weddings are fast pacing and things can change like weather etc at moments notice, so all hands definitely are on deck to ensure we provide the best work for you.

Would we be obliged to feed you on the day?

Well let me tell you it would be fabulous if you do, however, we do understand that weddings are costly and i’m great at making jam sandwiches so just let me know if you are going to feed us and if not I will remember to pack my lunch box. We start our working day long before everyone is getting ready and often arrive at the venue hours before hand to check everything is ok and work until the wee hours, so we only eat when you eat besides, no one wants us to take pictures of the wedding guests eating food.

How do we receive our images and how long does it take to edit them?

We aim to supply you with your images within 4 weeks of your wedding day presented to you in a hand crafted box, with a diamond and sliver heart shaped USB with high resolution images for print and for social media. We also send you digital images sent to your email before you receive your gifted box where you can easily view all your images on your phone or computer and share them with your friends and family and social media. You can also like each picture separately, allowing us to view your favorite’s so as we can supply you with an app of your favorite 100 photos to keep on your mobile phone or device.

Do you supply prints?

We do! At an additional cost using link we send to your email address, you can order prints of an array of different sizes and even order canvas,s directly from your phone or computer. There are no limits on how many prints you can order, so for people that were unable attend for whatever reason can purchase them or you can gift it to someone. If you require wedding albums we would ask you to let us know which images you like (typically around 15-20 best images) and we can design a wedding album, order and deliver it to you personally at an additional cost.